Paintball – Full action, full of adrenaline! Whoever enters a paintball field for the first time, the leaves do not cold.
There are very clear rules in paintball. These you can find below.
The Safety Paintball is a top priority. Prior to the 300 km / h paintballs must beware also really. Those things can do shit hurt :-)
Is paintball dangerous? Paintball is essentially harmless, because the stations are always and everywhere wearing a mask to protect the eyes and ears during the game. Gloves to protect the fingers are allowed, or be rented directly at the rental.
Hurts a paintball hit very? Paintballs to burst on impact, leaving a paint mark. Here, the Paintball already loses most of its energy. It’s recommended to use particularly brittle paintballs, to lessen the impact. Us neither player is known, no longer wanted to play for a hit.

Of course, there are areas on the body that can hurt when hit. That would be the fingers, thighs inner areas of the mind, the breast in women and genital in men. Gladly protective clothing can be borrowed. Inform yourself in advance how you can protect you and what you can do yourself for it.
The blue stain! Some talk of a trophy that goes with it. Others have no bruises. Each player reacts differently to results of paintballs. A so-called blue spot is a bruise in the connective tissue of the skin. While this does not look nice but is usually harmless. A blue stain disappears completely after 2 to 4 weeks.

In paintball a variety of gameplay options. Meis Tens Capture the flag and Centerflag is played.

Capture the flag: At the starting point of a team on a flag is hung. Target of Capture the flag is there; to capture this flag and to bring to their own starting point. This will of course attempt by the enemy to prevent. In this strategy, and team spirit.
The flag is to capture the center of the game. Switching off the opponent is not considered, but helps tremendously
Centerflag: Similar to “capture the flag” is about the flag, however, this will depend on the middle of the field where it is very important to be fast and the opponent precise turn.. . the aim of the game is back to bring the flag and bring to your own starting point.
In both variants, it is subsequently checked whether the flag carrier is “clean”. Did this a Platzer, ie Paint Results on markers or clothing, the flag should be brought back. The game runs on certain time. The flag must be captured within this time.
Elimination : The game is played until the last players of a team marked. The team with at least one unmarked player wins. This variation is often played by beginners, because the tactical component is comparatively small. Here one can only times focus on yourself and how to handle the marker.

Last man standing: speak Is Free-for-All, therefore, has nothing to do with Team. The players start at different places.Each selected player must leave the field, the last player wins. To prevent any permanent reluctance of players will be announced after a Vohrer certain period of so-called “Sudden Death” mode.Now all players must reach a pre-arranged point, which then leads to immediate victory.

President or VIP: Here is played with two teams. The number of players of the two teams is not necessarily the same size. Each team has a specially designated player, the president or VIP. The aim of the game is to bring the president at an agreed point, without being marked upon the locality. One team plays against the president and hides sent to the field. The other team tries to protect the VIP. The President shall thereby no marker. The game ends when the President reaches the agreed point or has been marked.

Who gets a Paint the eye, will not go seeing his way. This much is certain. Everything else belongs to it, for example, bruises, a few minor and major bruising or sometimes a fall in the mud.
Would the whole not hurt wärs be boring. The flight speed of the paintballs to 240km / h or less in some countries while others have it more fun, because the bullets may-be as quick as 300 km / h flying.Then they burst easier.

And because the paintballs can be dangerous even for the eyes and ears it is called MASK ALWAYS ON! Once you enter the pitch DOMINION mask requirement. Who removes the mask in the game gets a warning. A second warning does not exist. Then you will be dismissed. Red Card … end.
Even when cleaning and filling the marker always wear the mask.Otherwise, you may also like to be naked if you want it ;-) 
Hint. Fleecepulli helps against bruises!

The Mask: The most important thing in paintballing is a decent mask. The protect eyes, ears, teeth, face. Who wears no mask is composed of a unnnötigen risk. A hit in the vicinity of the eyes is very likely to blindness.

The marker: Is not a weapon. This is the first. One would be clearly demarcated in this sport from the war game. The marker is an air gun with a CO2 or compressed air tank. A ball magazine (hopper or loader called) and the device itself. There are different variants. Semiautomatic automatically reloads the next Paint. Or pumping action in this marker must be at all times reloaded manually.

Running Sock (Barrel Sock): This protection is stretched to intercept over the barrel of the marker to a shot fired accidentally. Earlier also a so-called. Barrel Plug (plug over) was used, which is out of date, however, because it may become loose after a few shots.
Clothing: As a beginner, you just wearing a sweater or fleece pullover and jeans. Camouflage is prohibited on the playing fields. This one distinguishes itself clearly from the Woodland (in the forest). You do not want to be stuck in the “Military drawer”.

Advanced often wear neoprene bands on the neck. to make knee and elbow pads to even on hard ground pike jumps (Superman).Furthermore you wear gloves and a hood, hat, neck protection and often a genital protection.

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Paintball is played by millions of people in many countries worldwide. The popular pastime usually involves two teams of several players whose goal is to capture the flag of the other team, while protecting their own.On the way, opponents are eliminated by being shot by paintballs – filled capsules colored “paint” and usually made a special gun called a marker or paintgun. Depending on where you live, there may be age requirements for possession of a paintball gun. 13 and under

In Illinois, paintball guns are considered air rifles and are subject to the same restrictions. Dealers are not allowed to “sell, lend, rent, give or transfer” arms to anyone aged under 13 years. In addition, under 13 are prohibited from carrying a paintball gun loaded on public land or public roads. If an air rifle, including a paintball gun is used or sold in violation of the age requirement, responsible for enforcement can confiscate the owner’s expense. in addition, a merchant who sells air rifle to a minor under 13 years can be fined up to $ 1000. 
18 years old

New Hampshire and Rhode Island have similar age requirements in Illinois, but in these states, the laws apply to anyone aged under 18 years. Both states require the written consent of a parent or guardian before leaving age of 18 to possess a paintball gun and New Hampshire also allows schools to expel students to possess them. There, a person under 18 years may be in possession of a paintball gun only in the presence of a parent or guardian or on the way or range of paintball supervised by a responsible adult. In Rhode Island, the violation of the law may establish fines between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000. International Requirements

age requirements to play paintball and possess paintball guns only applies in the US Many other countries have regulated the hobby booming. In Australia, for example, the age requirements vary by state. Players must be 18 or over to Victoria, while New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, players must be at least 16. In Queensland, the minimum age is 15, and South Australia and Western Australia, the minimum age is 12. In Germany, paintball is illegal for anyone under 18 years. It is best to check local laws before buying a paintball gun in any state or country.

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Paintball is a game between teams who compete by “pitching” or “markers” projecting caliber paintballs .68 (17mm), .50 (12.7mm) or .43 (10mm).
Different types of games are played, the most basic of eliminating all his opponents by scoring the most elaborate or must be such to catch the flag defended by the opposing party by preventing them from taking yours.

The first markers created in the 70s by the Nelson Paint Company.
Paintball was born in Australia in the late 70s when farmers were using launchers beads bright paints impact to mark remote cattle, according to other sources they were woodcutters to mark trees … ..Bref what matters is that a blessed day one of those lumberjacks and cowboys idle has had the brilliant idea to use this machine to “mark” his colleague, the colleague was likely very surprised and s ‘used his own pitcher to wash the affront to his ego as well as to his overalls; It remains for us to imagine these merry fellows telling it the other night on a farm deep in the middle of the Australian bush and has an idea of the probable genesis of the sport.
Paintball has been steadily gaining in popularity and evolve into a sport, a hobby played on every continent, with its international federations, professional teams and plethora of brands and equipment suppliers.
The impact of a ball Paintball is it painful?
It depends on several factors: In the shooting distance, the location of the impact, the type of clothing worn, individual sensitivity to pain, the player’s excitement level.
It is impossible to quantify this, but if the pain level was downright rude or obnoxious person would play paintball and wearing appropriate attire greatly minimizes has felt the impact. You can find our range of Paintball balls cheap on our online store.
Or playing paintball?
Several solutions are available: practice on private land and the owners’ agreement, on public land with the agreement of the competent authorities and in compliance with safety standards (safety nets) or land lease; there’s bound to land and a club not far from home in France.>
Is paintball a dangerous sport?
Clearly not and contrary to popular belief, according to various studies conducted overseas Paintball practiced when applying the safety rules is absolutely not a sport that can be called dangerous at most if Exposure are we to conventional sores when runs, jumps, crawls, etc …
Paintball Can be practiced at any age?
Yes there is no age to have fun practicing Paintball but must be respected in addition to the safety regulations applicable law and this in its latest version for France (September 2013) sets a minimum age of 12 to practice with standard launchers.

For younger adapted very low power launchers are available: child Launcher JTsplat

What can we make of a paintball marker outside of the game?
On private land, subject to secure the shooting area with common sense: what you want, again imagination is in power; A bookshelf with some old trinkets or lightweight plastic items about ten meters and this is a good time assured friends especially if one adds a time.
– Protection of sensitive areas of the body with loose clothing, chest, scarves and gloves.
– Permanent wear mask match area and phase game.
– Safety cap in place on launchers out of area of play.
– Compliance with minimum distances involved commitment.
– Strict compliance with the rules dictated by the organizers.
– Velocity launchers set to less than 265 or 300fps depending on the specifics of the game and its rules.
– The Fairplay I would summarize as follows: do not unto others what you do not want people to do for you, is gracious in defeat and even in victory.
The choice of “good” material, that is to say adapted to your practice is an element that contributes greatly to the pleasure involved; It can be frustrating to play with unsuitable material either the pitcher, mask, beads or plastron example.
We are available and at your service by chat, phone or email to help you choose the material that will be most suitable for your practice, wishes and budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, we always appreciate the opportunity to discuss our passion.

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