Seth Senty in D-Town Review By Felix Baker

If you were to ask me: “Hey Felix, I want to get crushed by a premature stage diver, where should I go?” Or “Where can I go to get shot in the face by NERF bullets?” I would say “Well, Seth Sentry was playing at Discovery last Friday night and you obviously should have gone!

Seth Sentry in your FACE!For years now Sentry’s music has been playing on my iPod but only that night did I hear him live and I have to say that this was the most entertaining set that I’ve ever seen in Darwin. His Hip Hop got the whole crowd crazy, singing and dancing the whole time. And his recent riffs are just as high a caliber as his classics.

He was emitting the good vibes and getting them straight back. His energy bounced off the walls and infected the crowd and it was just so awesome to see that he was up there on stage, having as much fun, as his fans were having in the moshpit bellow.

The intimate performance allowed him to break down the invisible barrier that separates Seth and DJ B.TWO just, rappin on a ladder…audience with the performer. He smashed straight through it with his rhyming lyrics and spoke to the people, joking like they were old friends! He and his DJ, DJ B.TWO (Australian DMC Champion!!) would have had enough enthusiasm and energy to power the whole of Darwin’s nightclub scene that night. Make sure to check out his music because ITS ALL AWESOME! Songs like ‘the waitress song’ & ‘train catcher’ are sure to tickle you musical taste buds.

One of the best things about Seth Sentry though was his chilled out, open and real vibe. At the end of his set he went straight out to the merch stand and connected with all his fans. He wasn’t just signing shirts and hats (although his writing hand was definitely getting a works out), he was getting to know them, chatting away joking and laughing, a true man of the people. I hope that he does not lose this endearing quality as he peruses his journey to stardom.

Till next time, and thanks for reading.

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