Illy, coming back to Darwin!

1. Last time GRIND interviewed you, you mentioned that you would love to do some underage or all ages gig. Any chance you’ll be squeezing one of those in this time round?

Nah, Im not going to be able to this time, because of the music studio hire stuff. But Im really hoping to do that next time Im up.

2. Tell us about your name where did it come from?

Its just a nickname that Ive had since I was 13. No interesting story haha, my little sister used to call me Ally, and Illy just somehow came about from that.

Illy, being a boss3.Do you ever catch yourself just accidently rapping in conversations instead of talking?

Haha, never accidentally. If Im taking the piss out of someone I might just throw a little jab in, but never just accidentally start rhyming haha that would make it hard to get a job or get a girlfriend.

4. When did you realise you wanted to pursue rapping and why?

When I was about 13, and basically because I loved the music and wanted to make my own.

5. What is you’re favourite thing to write about and where do you find you inspiration?

Draw inspiration from everywhere. I dont really have a favourite thing to write about, but I do like to write positively, cant be bothered writing about negative stuff too much, it brings you down, and I dont need that!

6. What is your fondest teenage memory?

Cant go into that here haha, I was asked to keep the answers PG hahaha

7. Its so awesome to see how many artists you’ve worked with on this album, how was that?

A lot of fun. Got a lot of love for all of them and they all did an excellent job.

8. Where did the story behind heard it al before’ come from? Did something happen in your life to inspire writing the song?

Yeah a little bit. I just found myself writing about stuff, and then saying ah crap, thats been done by so and so, thenIlly’s new album – bring it back writing something else, and saying ah crap, thats been done by a different so and so and was getting bummed out about it. But then just sort of realised everything has been done before, it doesnt necessarily make it a bad thing as long as you put your own perspective into it.

9. What has been your favourite performance? (yours or one that you’ve seen)

My favourite performance is Splendour 2011 last year, which was unreal. Huge crowd. My favourite performance Ive seen of others would be any number of The Jezabels gigs Ive seen, Jay-z in 2007, and Daft Punk in 2008. Amazing, all of them!

10. Do you have any advice for young upcoming performers/ rappers?

Just work hard, get off the internet and out in the real world, and believe in yourself.

11. What would you tell your 17 year old self?

Keep your head down, clean your act up, keep working on music, and STUDY. Damn, finishing Uni took so much longer than it would have if I just did it right to begin with haha.

Illy will be playing at Discovery on Friday 7th of December! Tickets are available now.

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